A bouquet of amusing words

My daughter is two-years old, and as a result, she has a lot of amusing things to say.  A few gems from the past couple days include:_______________________________________

Me: Why didn’t you take a nap this afternoon, Clara?

Clara: A lion is coming. I have to tell someone.


A conversation that Clara had with herself while looking in a mirror at the mall:

"I'm wearing my doggy shirt. We're both wearing doggy shirts."

"I have my hat tat (her word for hair elastics). We both have hat tats."

And the best one:

"I'm Clara. I'm Clara, too."

image image


While negotiating a split between football and Peep and the Big Wide World on Sunday afternoon:

Me: Okay Clara, it’s my turn to watch football now.

Clara: NO! Peep doesn’t want to watch football! Peep wants to watch me! I’m running away!

The way the Patriots played on Sunday, I would have been better off watching Peep.