Tilly and the Wall: Who needs a drummer when you have tap shoes?

I often claim (with excessive pride) that I have introduced my wife to more positive things in her life than she has introduced to me. Television shows, friends, activities, locales.

I argue that she is and will forever be deeply indebted to me in this regard, even though she thinks the whole argument is stupid and petty.

She’s probably right, but I’m working on a post of our competing lists anyway.

But credit Elysha for introducing me to Tilly and the Wall, an amazing indie band that uses a tap dancer in lieu of a drummer.


Their music is great, the use of the tap dancer is innovative as hell, and in watching their YouTube videos, it’s clear that they are charismatic performers.

Elysha admits to having a girl crush on the tap dancer, and I don’t blame her.

She’s known about this band for a while, leaving me to wonder if there is more that she should be introducing me to and if she is simply holding back on me.

I’ve listened to about a dozen of Tilly and the Wall’s songs so far, and this one is my favorite.