500 years ago was not that appealing

You have to wonder what someone from the fourteenth or fifteenth century might think if he was to discover that people in the twenty-first century were spending their weekends at outdoor fairs designed to recreate the spirit of the Renaissance. renaissance faire

Sure, it was a time of enlightenment, but it was also the time of the Plague.

It was an age absent of penicillin, electricity and indoor plumbing.

The life expectancy at the time was about 30 years.

If you weren’t born wealthy and male and white, you had almost no say in what your future would hold.

In comparison to today, it was not a great time to be a human being.

Sure, everyone loves a good funnel cake and a nifty crossbow demonstration, but I have to think that a person who actually lived through the Renaissance would think it slightly odd, if not altogether stupid, to relive such a base time in human history.