First carrousel ride

The first time my daughter saw a carrousel, she cried.

The second time she saw a carrousel, she cried again. 

I thought it would be years before she ever boarded one. 

But while she and Elysha were in New York last weekend, she rode her first carrousel in Bryant Park, and she didn’t cry the entire time.

She didn’t sit on any horses, but she did go round-and-round while sitting on one of those benches.

Elysha took her for her first and second rides (sans tears) and her aunt took her for the third, more tear-filled, ride. 

I was in Foxboro, Massachusetts, at the time, watching the Patriots defeat the Jets, which is one of my favorite things in the world to do.

Watching any Patriots game is always spectacular, but to watch my team crush the Jets produces near euphoria. 

But I must admit that watching my little girl take her first carrousel ride would have been just as good. 


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