The Clowns final rehearsal

Just one week before The Clowns, our rock opera, hits the stage! The band had a final rehearsal during Saturday’s snowstorm.

Next Saturday, the band and the actors come together for the first time for an all-day rehearsal before the Saturday evening performance.

This all began back in 2007 when friend and colleague Andy Mayo approached me with nine songs, all recorded and sung my him (female parts included), and the basic outline for a rock opera.

Looking for someone to flesh out the story and write the dialogue, he asked me if I would be interested.

I said yes, assuming that nothing would ever become of it.

Boy was I wrong.

Here’s a peek into a few of the songs that will be performed at part of the upcoming show. The person singing is Andy Mayo, who will be required to sit throughout the rehearsal and performances on Saturday and Sunday.

I don’t see it happening.