The most mysterious and captivating 83 seconds of video on the Internet

There is so much about this video that fascinates me. So many small, inexplicable elements coming together to create this symphony of utter strangeness. unknown

I feel like I am missing something. That there must be greater meaning hidden within this video, obscured by the sword or the birdhouse or the mop or the dog or the motionless old woman in sunglasses.

I’ve watched it three times but have yet to find it.

But each time, it becomes more fascinating to me.

But most of all, I simply want to know these people.

Uncover the origins of this… thing they do.

Understand the motivation behind this… hobby?

I am convinced that they are either remarkably compelling and complex human beings or incredibly annoying and cognitively-limited individuals.

And I want to know which one with every fiber of my being.