Coupons can’t terrorize anyone

I love The Daily Beast, but their headlines can occasionally be sensationalized to the point of absurdity.  Yesterday The Daily Beast reported on a Groupon deal gone bad. British bakery owner Rachel Brown was forced to hire temporary workers when the 75 percent discount she offered through Groupon on a dozen cupcakes was purchased by more than 8,500 people, amounting to about 100,000 cupcakes in need baking.

Brown ultimately lost money on the deal.

The Daily Beast’s headline for this story:

Bakery Terrorized by Groupon Deal

Not only is the headline inaccurate, but the the word terrorize is often used by news agencies in reporting genuine acts of willful intimidation and violence upon individuals and organizations, making The Daily Beast’s inaccurate use of the word highly inflammatory as well.

Shame on you, Daily Beast.