Her first letter was a V

My two-year old daughter was using bathtub crayons for the first time last night. Anything to get that kid in the bathtub. After coloring on the walls for a while, she said, “Mommy, help me with my V.”

My wife looked. Written in dark blue was the letter V.

Clara can identify all of her capital letters and many of her lowercase letters, but until now, she has never attempted to write a letter. She frequently asks us to write letters and words for her, but she has shown no interest in writing them herself.

Now she’s written her first letter.

The letter V.

Or perhaps she accidentally scribbled two lines in the shape of a V and subsequently identified them as a letter.

This is possible but not nearly as exciting as the thought that she made the letter intentionally, so I reject this idea outright.

She wrote her first letter. It was a V. Call Harvard.

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