Stupid parents doing stupid things.

Halloween was cancelled in my town this year, and rightfully so considering the number of live power lines still all over the road. Certain parents are outraged over this development, but I have pointed out to these individuals that if they want to take their children trick-or-treating, simply drive fifteen or twenty minutes to a town less affected by the recent storm and trick-or-treat there.

Trick-or-treating is hardly geographically restricted.

What I would prefer these people didn’t do is ignore the ban and trick-or-treat in my neighborhood anyway, which is exactly what one family chose to do.

And because Halloween was cancelled, my wife and I never told our two-year daughter that it was Halloween, and we never prepared her for the costumes she would be seeing out and about.

So when she looked out the window and saw a ghost approaching the door in the company of some other kids, she naturally panicked and ran to the back of the house, telling us that she had seen a ghost.

Which she had.

Two days later, she is still talking about it. And she is still nervous about it.

And every time I tell her that the ghost was just a kid in a costume, she says, “Yeah, and there was a ghost with them.”

I’m not the biggest rule–follower in the world, but when it comes to my child and possible electrocution, I tend to err on the side of obedience.

I wish others would’ve been smart enough to do the same thing.