The still-awaiting-a-proper-title To-Do List #2

A month ago, I challenged myself to publish a clever, creative, subversive to-do list every Friday in the spirit of this best-ever to-do list: best ever to-do list

I managed to accomplish one of last week’s goals (not that this is my intention) by dropping off 20 books on the stoops of twenty different apartment and condos in my neighborhood this afternoon. Each book had a post-it note affixed to the cover that read:

I loved this book. I think you will, too.

I recently cleaned out my bookshelf. I still have more than 50 books in my backseat to donate.

Here is this week’s to-do list.

Still no whiteboard donation, so a digital version only.

  • Conduct your own solo Chinese fire drill by stopping at a traffic light, jumping out of the car, running twice around the car, and climbing back in. Obviously this should only be done if there is a car behind you.
  • In honor of Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots tight end you loves to spike the football after every touchdown catch, spike a football during a moment of minor accomplishment.
  • Spend an evening reading by candlelight.  

Comments, critiques and compliments welcomed.

This list still needs a name of some sort, so suggestions would be appreciated.

And if you’re ever ambitious enough to attempt one of these things, PLEASE let me know.