Buffering, procrastination and taunts from the mouth of a babe

While putting my two year old daughter to bed tonight, she said the following things:

1. “Peep is buffering, Daddy.”

She was watching Peep and the Big Wide World on an iPhone while I was brushing her teeth, combing her hair and sliding on her pajamas.

Yes, she was correct. The video was buffering.

2. “I don’t want you to turn the page. Then I’ll have to go to bed! Read it again, Daddy! Please!”

We were reading Cordoroy and had arrived at the penultimate page. As I went to turn it, she grabbed my hand and stopped me. She knew that once we finished reading the book, she would need to go to bed.

So she asked that I re-read the page.

Procrastination at its best.

3. “Daddy, I want to taste the sky. Can you taste it with me?”

She continues to taunt me in terms of my inability to reach the stratosphere.