The stupidest thing that you can say when helping someone locate lost keys or a wallet or a phone

The inability to locate an item like a set of keys, a phone or a wallet can be frustrating. lost

Thinking it helpful to offer someone advice like “retrace your steps” or “think about when you had it last” only makes the situation worse.

We all know about retracing our steps. This is not some cutting edge strategy. If you want to help us find the lost item, spare us the annoying platitudes and just look around a little.

But the worst piece of advice that you can give in this regard is this:

“It’s always the last place that you look.”

Of course it’s always the last place we look, you moron. Once you find a lost item, only an idiot would continue looking for it.

Therefore, whether the lost item is in the first place that we looked or the thousandth place we looked, it’s always going to be the last place we looked.

Is it really so hard to keep your mouth shut and simply help in the search?