You are not pregnant. She is.

New rule: No more “We’re pregnant.” Especially from men. In the realm of pregnancy, there is no we. While I’m sure that the men who use this ridiculous phrase probably have the best of intentions, it is a stupid thing to say.

If you are a man, you are not pregnant. To imply otherwise is an insult to the  women who actually bear the burden of pregnancy, and it makes you sound like anything but a man.

It makes you sound desperate for attention.

Like impregnating the girl wasn’t good enough.

Like you need more.

You don’t.

“My wife is pregnant” says it all. It indicates that you are responsible for creating a baby and are probably assisting your wife as the burden of pregnancy becomes greater, but doesn't imply that you are seeking any credit where credit is not due.

Take a stand against “We’re pregnant.” Push back at every utterance.

Stop using this ridiculous phrase if you have been, and if someone is foolish enough to use it, inform them, with grace and civility of course, that they sound utterly stupid.

Let’s make this a year filled with a little less stupidity.