A new way of speaking that my wife cannot object to. Right?

Early on in our relationship, I told Elysha that I wanted to begin speaking like the British. I wanted to begin using words like lift and boot and flat. British flag

I wanted to tell people to “Sod off!”

I was very excited about this idea and expected her to feel the same.

She made it clear that this could be a deal breaker in terms of our relationship, so I backed off.

But now I have an idea.

I listen to about four or five hours of podcasts and audio books a day.

I know it sounds like a lot, but the Bluetooth headphones basically sit atop my head for much of the day, so whenever I am walking, driving, working out, doing chores or am otherwise occupied by activities that do not require my auditory attention, I am listening to a book or podcast.

With this in mind, consider this:

What if I began listening exclusively to British podcasts and audio book read by British readers?

Would I naturally begin to develop a British accent?

Or at least be able to pull off a fairly decent impersonation of a Brit?

After all, she can't complain if my way of speaking changes without any effort on my part. Right?