C-L-A-R-A spells Clara

My daughter and I were having lunch at Red Robin. We were coloring on some paper that the waiter provided. image

Clara said, “Daddy, make a C right there!”

I did. She often assumes a dictatorial tone when coloring. Unsatisfied with her own ability to formulate letters and stay within the lines, she delegates the responsibility to me and Elysha (with great specificity).

“Now make an L, Daddy! Right there!” She pointed at a spot beside the C.

I complied.

“Now make another A, Daddy.” She pointed to the spot next to the L.

Her use of the word another is still somewhat random, but I understood what she meant.  I complied again, failing to catch on to what was happening.

“Make an R, Daddy!” she said. “Here!”

Now I understood. I made the R.

“Make another A, Daddy!”

I did.

I was stunned. My two-year old girl had spelled her own name.

Or more aptly, she had commissioned the spelling of her own name.

I still can’t believe it. They learn so fast.