Delaying what is inevitable and right

When my daughter is my age, she will find it inconceivable that she was born into a country that did not allow for gay marriage, much the same way people from my generation wonder how separate but equal was ever thought to be a reasonable compromise to institutional racism.

I take great comfort in this thought in a time when bigotry has masked itself as a plank on a political campaign.      

Are these Republican candidates incapable of seeing that it is only a matter of time before this country allows any two people to marry, regardless of sex?  They remind me of the little boy who sticks his finger in the dike, hoping to hold back the oncoming flood.

Their institutional bigotry is coming to an end.  Can’t they see that?

They stand against the inevitable. 

They stand against righteousness.

They stand against my daughter’s future.

And I just wish they would get the hell out of the way so we can usher in the future a little sooner.