Elysha’s surprise party

Following the post describing my marriage proposal to Elysha, I received a number of requests for the story of her surprise birthday party, which took place a little more than a week after the proposal and was mentioned in the post.

I was also asked if Elysha was actually surprised, given the fact that I told her earlier in the year that I would be throwing her a surprise birthday party. 

The answer is yes. The surprise of the marriage proposal removed the possibility of a surprise birthday right from her mind, allowing me to surprise her twice within the span of two weeks.  

Unlike the proposal, however, I’m sorry to say that the story of her surprise party is short and relatively uneventful.  The party was held in the home of our friends, Charles and Justine, who invited us over for dinner on the night of the party.  About thirty close friends were in attendance, and everyone was smart enough to park their cars around the block, making it a true surprise for Elysha. 

In fact, it was such a surprise that Elysha walked into the house and made it halfway through the living room before looking up and asking, “What are all of you doing here?”

It was oddly reminiscent of the moment on the steps of Grand Central Station when she saw our friends emerge from the crowd and asked, “Oh my God. Where did you all come from?”

Serendipity. Full circle.  All that good stuff.