Gratitude journal: Dental technology

Tonight I am grateful for advances in dental technology that allow me to still have my teeth today. In a 1988 car accident that left me temporarily dead, my bottom row of teeth were dislodged when my jaw struck the steering on my way into and through the windshield. The entire row of teeth were literally floating around in my mouth until dental surgeons wired them down in hopes that roots would re-establish themselves and I would be able to keep at least a few of them.

Yesterday’s dentist appointment confirmed once again that the surgery was a success. Since 1988 I have required just two root canals as a result of the accident. One was done a year after the accident and the other was done three days after my honeymoon. Every other tooth, except for the one I swallowed during the accident, is still healthy and strong.

Twenty-five years later, I find myself wishing I knew those surgeons’ names so I could thank them for their efforts.