Gratitude journal: The perfect babysitter

Tonight I am grateful for Allison, my former second and third grade student who is now in college and has become my daughter’s primary babysitter. There was a time when leaving Clara with a babysitter meant enduring the wailing of a child who did not want to be left alone, but thanks to Allison, that has completely changed. Clara adores Allison. When Allison walked through the door tonight, Clara ran to her, excited to see and play with her friend.  And when Elysha and I walked out the door tonight, Clara didn’t even look back to say goodbye. She was already halfway up the stairs, anxious to drag Allison into her bedroom to play.

It’s still amazing to think that the little seven and eight year old girl who I once taught to read and subtract and write complete sentences is now the young woman who is trusted implicitly with the safety and well-being of my child.

How fortunate I am to have taught such a wonderful human being.