Gratitude journal (with a sprinkle of spite): Fountain soda and NOT COFFEE

Tonight I am grateful for the joy of the unexpected Diet Coke that was delivered to me this afternoon. It was having an especially challenging day at school, mostly the result of an unexpected deadline and significantly reduced time frame in order to meet the demand, when my colleague surprised me with a large, plastic cup of fountain soda from Burger King.

There’s something about a fountain soda that makes it far superior to any Diet Coke found in a can or bottle.

It was just what I needed. My mood improved almost immediately and I found myself better able to power through the rest of the day, easily meeting my unexpected deadline and teaching the hell out of the rest of my day.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Perhaps this is how most people feel about about coffee, except I have never spoken ad nauseum about my love for, need for or addiction to fountain soda. This is the first time I have ever written about the subject, and it was not expressed by something like this:

Need. Fountain. Soda. Now.

Or this:

If I don’t get a fountain soda soon, look out!

Or this:

This is what I call a two cup, 64-ounce fountain soda day.   

So yeah, I was grateful for that fountain soda surprise today.

But more importantly, I’m also grateful that I’ve never spoken about coffee or any other beverage as if it is a legitimately interesting subject for discussion or something that anyone wants to hear.