Kind of surprised that I used the phrase “damn it” in a letter to my soon-to-be-born daughter

Today is my daughter’s third birthday. 

In my continued series of posts from Greetings Little One leading up to today, the last post written before my daughter was born, from inside the delivery room:


It’s time

This will be the last post before you are born, little one. Mommy is fully dilated and getting ready to push. Soon we will meet and our lives will never be the same. Our family of two will suddenly become three, and with this new addition, many, many things will change.

Mommy and I have talked about how much we love our life as it’s presently constituted and how much of that life may change with a baby. At times, the thoughts of these changes have scared us. We love our lives, damn it, and we want much of it to remain the same. But it’s okay. Though we intend on retaining as much of our previous life as possible, we are just as excited about the new adventures that you will bring.

It’s remarkable to think about how quickly things are about change. Last night Mommy and I were eating roast beef sandwiches and watching Battlestar Galactica, our last supper as childless parents. Now we are minutes away from meeting you for the first time.

Our journey together is about to begin.

Thank goodness for hospital Wi-Fi.