Sick of your date asking to split a dessert? I have the solution that will change your life forever. Seriously.

It’s a truth universally known that no man actually wants to share a dessert with his date. When it comes time to order dessert, it is quite common for a woman to suggest that the couple split a dessert.

Two girls eating cake together

My wife does this all the time, and I agree to the arrangement, as do most men, even though in our heart of hearts, we are screaming, “I want my own dessert, damn it! Get your own slice of pie and keep your mitts off mine!”

When it comes to ordering dessert, women are their mothers and men are the six-year old versions of themselves.

But now I have a solution, and it shames me to think that it’s taken this long to figure this out:

If the lady asks to split a dessert, happily agree to the division and then order a dessert of your own as well.

It’s perfect.

The six-year old inside a man’s body gets his own dessert plus a half of another while the lady’s request is adequately granted as well.

It’s actually a better scenario than if both parties simply ordered their own dessert.

In fact, it’s not even a solution to the problem. It’s an upgrade on life.