Three simple, slightly spiteful, steps to happiness

A friend of mine sent this to me: David Letterman to Ricky Gervais: Why did you host Golden Globes a third time?

Well, the first time I did it because it was a huge global audience for a comedian. The second time I did it because I could improve on the first time. The third time I did it because they said I'd never be invited back and I wanted to annoy them.

She suggested that Mr. Gervais and I would likely be fast friends.

I agreed.

If you examine his response, Gervais’ participation in the Golden Globes follows a path that I fully endorse.

  1. Do something hard because it will improve your current standing in life.
  2. Continue to do it until you've honed your skills and become an expert.
  3. Continue to do it in order to spite your enemies and detractors.

It’s that last part that I like the best.