Even if it’s the best thing ever, I’m not sure that I want to do it if hipster parents in Park Slope are doing it, too.

When we are changing Clara’s diaper and getting her ready for bed, the iPhone has been a savoir. 

Hand her a short video from a show like Peep and the Big Wide World or The Wonder Pets and we can do almost anything to her. Wash her face, brush her teeth, slip on pajamas, brush her hair.

We could probably conduct minor brain surgery on her if necessary.

More than once, I have heard my wife whisper, “Thank you, Steve Jobs” as she brushed Clara’s teeth. 

Lately, however, Elysha has switched from clips of Clara’s favorite children’s  programs to musical numbers like Gene Kelly’s Singing in the Rain and clips from movies like Mary Poppins and Annie.

Clara adores them.

It’s a brilliant idea on Elysha’s part, but it also strikes me as the kind of thing that hipster parents might be doing. 

That’s the only problem.