Gratitude journal: Cheapest surgery ever

My dog had surgery to remove a wart from head today. The last time she had surgery, it was on her spine, and it was incredibly expensive. It drained our entire honeymoon savings account, which had been earned entirely through poker. The cost was in the thousands of dollars.

I had no idea how much today’s surgery would cost. Oddly enough, we had forgotten to ask during the initial visit to the veterinarian, perhaps because we have become numb to vet costs. Before their records were digitized, my veterinarian informed me that our dog had the thickest file in the practice.  We have spent so much money on our dog’s health that there have been times when the vet didn’t charge us for a visit or a medication simply out of the kindness of her heart.


As I drove over to pick up the yesterday, I decided upon a probable range for the cost for today’s surgery:


Anywhere in that range and I would be happy.

The actual cost:


I danced a little jig as my dog and I made our way across the parking lot and to the car.