Gratitude journal: Well timed stranger danger (and a little parental cruelty)

Tonight I am grateful for my daughter’s natural born instinct for stranger danger. As I was attempting to get her into the car yesterday, she discovered a brick walkway, a wooden bench, puffy clouds and a plane flying overhead that were eminently more appealing than the car seat, Cheerios and book that I had offered.

As I was debating the merits of leaving with her, a car pulled up behind mine and parked. A gentleman stepped out of the vehicle. Clara stopped running on the bricks and turned a wary eye toward the man.

“Hey, Clara,” I said. “We don’t know this man. Do you want to get in the car?”

She said yes, and a minute later we were off.

It might have been a little mean to emphasize the presence of the stranger and play upon her fears a bit, but I was hungry, it was cold, and I knew that it would work.

Well timed stranger danger. Perfect for getting your three year old into the car.