Gratitude journal: The cat-saving, stain-removing, near-miraculous SpotBot

Tonight I am grateful for the Bissell SpotBot, which has saved our cat’s life on numerous occasions, including today. 


Owen is prone to vomiting, as cats are wont to do, but he chooses to vomit only on soft, easy-to-stain, difficult-to-clean surfaces. 

Our bedroom rug.
Our living room sofa.
Our bath mat.

The SpotBot removes all traces of the vomit from any of these surfaces with the press of a button. Simply fill the tank with cleaning fluid, drop the SpotBot on top of the stain and turn it on. The machine does the rest.

In all sincerity, it is one of the best purchases that my wife and I have ever made, and it might be the only reason that our cat continues to be allowed to live in our home. 

Clara loves him, which helps his cause as well, but without the SpotBot, it would be dicey to say the least.