Gratitude journal: The sliver of time spent in the car

Tonight I am grateful for the fifteen minutes that we spent driving to the dealership in order to pick up my wife’s car.  Clara, who refused to nap this afternoon and went to bed extremely late last night, was strung out, altering between maniacal laughter and blithering, teary eyed nonsense as we discussed the probability that she might be a goon.

Elysha and I suspected that we might be getting a sneak peek into what Clara would act like if she were drunk.

It was hilarious.

Even though we had a great day, filled with laughs, lots of play, great spurts of productivity and a dinner at our place with several friends and their children, it was that short ride to the dealership that remains the highlight of my day. 

It was one of those tiny, precious, you-had-to-be-there moments in the life of a parent that you never forget.