Movie crusade update

In regards to my crusade to ban infants from all movie theaters comes this small update: It would appear that AMC Loews closest to my home (Plainville, CT) has policy that bans children under six from R-rated movies shown after 6:00 PM.

I am checking to see if this policy is company wide or theater specific.

While I am not completely satisfied with this policy, it’s a start. And this theater will most definitely receive my business over all Rave Motion Pictures theaters, which have no policy regarding infants.

Ideally, I would like to see all children under two years of age banned from all non-G rated movies except those theaters that show movies specifically designed for mothers and infants.

National Amusements, for example, has a program called Baby Pictures. During these specific movie times, the theater offers “dim lighting to allow for easy child care in the auditorium; lowered movie volume for babies' sensitive hearing; baby changing stations and stroller area.”

In my humble opinion, this should be the only time that an infant should be permitted into a non G-rated film.

But again, I’m willing to compromise. Slightly.

If you attend a movie in the near future and would be kind enough to inquire about their policies regarding infants, I would appreciate any information you could provide me. I have inquiries pending at the corporate offices of four major theater chains and will update you when and if I receive a response.