The positive, vicious circle of weight loss

When trying to convince a friend who wants to lose weight that exercise (not diet) is the most important part of any weight loss plan, I explain that exercise initiates the most positive vicious circle that I know. When you begin exercising, two things happen:

Your appetite goes down.

Your energy level increases.

I didn’t believe it when I started exercising on a daily basis, but it’s true.

The reduced appetite causes you to eat less and crave healthier food, so this unintentionally and almost unconsciously contributes to additional weight loss.

In many cases, regular exercise will be enough to initiate a significant change in diet.

At the same time, your energy level increases dramatically, which sounds counter-intuitive but is nevertheless true. In addition, you sleep more soundly, meaning you are suddenly able to sleep less. This means that any time spent exercising is almost immediately recouped by a reduction in the overall amount of time spent in bed.

Can’t find the time to exercise? Start exercising. You will suddenly have the time.

Can’t reduce the number of calories consumed in a day? Start exercising and burning calories and you will eat less.

None of this sounds like it makes sense, and but it’s true.

If you are looking to lose weight or simply improve your overall health, ignore dietary changes and start with exercise.

Initiate this positive, vicious circle.