Does the television weatherman serve any useful purpose anymore? I think not.

“Is this the end to the mild weather? Find out at 11:00.”

This is what I heard tonight on television during an exceptionally rare viewing of live, non-sports related television.

Actually, that’s not even true. We were watching The Office, but it had actually aired about an hour earlier. But this is as close as Elysha and I get to live TV these days, so the weatherman’s words at least made sense for once. They actually matched the weather outside. 

When I heard the guy, who looked about seventeen years old, I thought:

Really, dude? You think that tease that works anymore? Find out at 11:00? How about, “Find out in 11 seconds by checking the app on my phone or on the Internet?” Does anyone actually wait until 11:00 PM to listen to a weatherman read the weather to you when you have the forecast at your fingertips at all times?

I hope not. I’d hate to think anyone is encouraging him.