Gratitude journal: My big little writers

Tonight I am grateful for my class of earnest, committed and genuinely talented writers. As part of their reward for completing two weeks of standardized testing, my class enjoyed a full day of Writer’s Workshop today. Nothing but writing, conferencing and the sharing of their work.

In total, the class spent about two full hours engaged in silent writing and another three hours conferencing and sharing, and every student without exception was fully engrossed in the process.

Every single one. 

I honestly did not need to correct behavior once.

I could not have been more impressed. 

We ended our day listening to a bunch of stories, poems and essays that were hilarious, original, suspenseful and even creepy at times.  Quality stuff, some of which I could easily see published as YA fiction or picture books with some work.

It was honestly that good.

It was the kind of day that teachers only dream of, and it was all thanks to my committed class of talented writers.