Guessing game gone awry

I play a game when standing in line. I listen to the people behind me as they speak and try to envision what they look like based upon their voice. Once I have a clear picture in my head of the person behind me, I turn around and compare my prediction with reality.

It’s actually a game I thought everyone played, but when I told my wife about it recently, she said that she had never played the game but thought it sounded fun.

Over the years, I’ve gotten quite good at this game. While actual physical features are often impossible to discern, the age, size, race and even style of dress can often be predicted with reasonable accuracy by simply listening to a person’s voice.

Then there are the moments like yesterday, when I guess the size, age, race and even style of dress precisely, but I get the sex wrong.

This happens exceedingly rarely, but when it does, I feel rotten about it for the rest of the day.