I finally read Where the Wild Things Are. Sort of.

Having grown up with almost no children’s books in the home, it has been an unexpected joy to read these classics for the first time with my daughter. I would not recommend depriving your child of books, but as a father, it has made for more interesting bedtime reading. One of the books that I had yet to read was Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are. I watched the film adaptation of the book last year but had yet to read the actual book.


At the time, I postulated that I might be one of the only people in the world to have seen the film version without having ever read the book.

The book is actually sitting on my daughter’s bookshelf, just waiting to be brought into circulation. My hope was that I could experience this classic for the first time with Clara, but I’m afraid I cheated this morning.

I discovered this video of Christopher Walken reading the book and couldn’t resist.

I do not regret my decision. It’s fantastic.