Insightful and hilarious confirmation that my publisher and I are a perfect match

In a recent meeting with the sales, publicity and marketing team of my publisher, St. Martin’s Press, I was asked about the decision to publish in the UK under the name Matthew Green.

I explained that my British publisher, Little Brown UK, felt that my last name might serve as a hindrance to book sales and a new, less potentially offensive last name might serve me well.

Thus Matthew Green (Green is my wife’s maiden name) was born.

I was not so sure about the need to change my name, but in most things related to publishing, I am keenly aware that my expertise does not extend beyond the ability to write clear sentences, so I tend to defer to the professionals on all other things.

The St. Martin’s team found this situation amusing, and this morning a member of the sales team sent me this list of authors who have all published books with St. Martins at some point in the past.

He indicated that this list was clear evidence that I had found the right publisher for me, and while I knew this well before seeing this list, the confirmation was both validating and hilarious.