International pub day for Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend

It’s pub day for Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend in places well outside my immediate reach: The UK, Australia and New Zealand. While it’s a thrilling day for me, it’s also a little sad that my wife and I can’t stop by every bookstore in the area, looking for my book, posing with my book, and signing my book, as we did on the days that my two previous novels were published.

That will have to wait until August, when the book publishes in the US. I cannot wait.

But still, this pub day is not without its fun and excitement.

A bookstore in Australia tweeted me last night to tell me that they had just sold their first copy of the book.

Reviews have been coming in and are thus far better than I could have ever imagined.

Best of all, the the lovely ladies at the Australian and New Zealand bookseller Dymocks Adelaide sent me this photo, perhaps knowing how much I wish I could pop into their store and see the book on the shelves for myself.