My book has gone abroad

It’s difficult to launch a book internationally while sitting at home, thousands of miles away, waiting until August for your book to publish here in the US.

The reviews of the book have thus far been amazing, and I am thrilled by all the reader response I am already receiving, but I also feel so disconnected from my book and the places it has gone.

At the same time, I cannot express the joy in knowing that a story I made up in my head, filled with characters who I love,  is now sitting on bookshelves halfway around the world in places I have never been. Apparently aware of this, the booksellers of the UK, Australia and New Zealand have been kind enough to offer me a peek into the their stores with photos of Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend on their shelves.

It makes me want to hop on a plane and fly overseas immediately, just to drop by these fabulous bookshops and meet some of these generous booksellers. 

image image image