What kind of discount would you expect after a night like this?

Our plan:

Cancel the trip to the movie theater. Instead, enjoy a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant and then return to the hotel room for dessert and a pay-per-view movie in bed.

What really happened:

Enjoyed a nice dinner. I had the filet. Elysha had the salmon. 

Returned to the hotel room and attempted to order ice cream but was told by the kitchen staff that they had no ice cream, even though the bananas foster that we eventually ordered was comprised primarily of ice cream.

We still haven’t figured that one out. 

Discovered that the television in our room was not receiving a signal. Called the front desk. Spent the next 90 minutes with an engineer who attempted to repair the TV before replacing it entirely. At one point there were two engineers in the room working on the job, and at another point, I was asked to hold up the television while the engineer mounted it to the wall bracket.

After 90 minutes, which would have been the duration of our movie, the television still did not work. We finally sent the engineer away, defeated and dejected.

This was to be our last hurrah in New York City before the birth of our second child, and while most of the day went exceedingly well, it certainly ended on a sour note. 

At 8:00 this morning, a smoke alarm in the hallway began beeping. It awoke Elysha, who was unable to go back to sleep. It has beeped on and off for more than an hour now.

What kind of discount should we expect today when we check out?

Keep in mind that a very cute, very pregnant woman will be presenting our case.