When it comes to a pregnant woman’s size, ladies, please just shut the hell up.

New rule (though it shouldn't be necessary) and a rule I teach my fifth graders every year: No more commenting on a pregnant woman's physical appearance.


If my wife comes home with one more story of some idiot woman (and yes, it is always a woman) commenting on her size, I’m going to personally hunt that woman down and compose a treatise on every one of her physical imperfections.

Most recent was the woman in Starbucks who asked Elysha how many weeks along she was and then remarked that even when she was pregnant with twins, she didn’t think she was ever that big.

The woman should be forbidden from ever entering a Starbucks again. She probably shouldn’t be allowed in public anymore.

But there have been plenty of others.

There was the woman who asked Elysha if she is much larger during this pregnancy than her previous one.

There are the hordes of attention-seeking narcissists who love to tell pregnant women about how little weight they gained during their own pregnancies and how quickly and easily they shed those extra few pounds after the delivery.

There are the women who mistake pregnant women for walking, talking carnival games, trying to guess how far along they are and always guessing too far.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Elysha averages about one insensitive comment per week, and these can come from friends, coworkers, family members and even complete strangers, who for reasons that escape me see a pregnant woman and feel the need to immediately engage in conversation.

My advice:

Just shut the hell up. All of you. Stop commenting on a pregnant woman’s physical appearance completely. I’d like to say that compliments are still permitted, but I feel like you’ve exercised such poor judgment already that you cannot be trusted to offer a compliment without accidentally insulting the woman at the same time.

So just shut up completely.

And yes, I am certain that in all of human history, men have made these type of dumb ass comments as well, but of the eight recently pregnant women who I polled over the past two days, all reported that comments like these, while entirely too frequent, are never made by men.

Men learned a long time ago to never comment on a woman’s size.

Take a page from our playbook, ladies, and shut the hell up.