Bob Dylan was oh so right.

This was tweeted by author Steve Himmer yesterday, and I thought it was fascinating enough to post here.

Himmer asks:

Is there one sentence in this paragraph that would make sense to a time traveler from 1995?

Gaga Social Media Makes Books Go Viral? (Dwarfs The Oprah Effect)

"Lady Gaga, one of the web's commanding giga-stars - with 21.5m followers on Twitter (Stephen Fry has a mere 4m) - has recommended a book, on Facebook. "Lüc Carl Buy his book. HE'S AWESOME!!!!! Great memoir about losing weight on your own terms." Within a matter of hours, more than 15,000 people had "liked" it, a pretty reliable indicator of a coming "viral" success." The Guardian (UK) 04/11/12