Gratitude journal: Diana

Tonight I am grateful to Diana, the name that we have bestowed upon our GPS unit after setting our preferences to the female British voice.

I have been driving into the city a lot recently, and last night, I found myself driving home after midnight following a Moth performance. Though I have been driving into New York City for most of my life, a midnight trip from SoHo on my own would have struck fear into my heart in the days before before Diana.

One wrong turn and I could be lost for hours.

But thanks to Diana, my drives into the city, regardless of where I am going or what time of day I am traveling, have become simplicity. It’s stunning to think how rapidly a task as complicated as navigating the largest city on the planet has become akin to playing a lifelike video game: 

Follow the line on the screen long enough without hitting anything else in the road and you will eventually arrive at your destination.

I swear that I have played video games more challenging than driving into the city now.   

I wouldn’t call GPS the greatest technological advancement in my lifetime, but it’s probably in the top 5.

By the way, have you named your GPS, and if so, what name did you choose?