Gratitude journal: My solo mission

As much as I may have have wanted and appreciated financial support from my parents after high school (at least in times of need), after watching the pilot episode of Girls on HBO, I find myself extremely grateful that I was forced to find my own way in life.

Since I was eighteen, I have been living without a safety net, depending solely upon my wits, skill and determination in order to survive. Living in a car, working 90 hours a week for almost two years and sharing a bedroom with a goat made me the person I am today.

The opening scene of Girls, in which a 25-year old woman is finally cut off from her parents’ checkbook, is soul crushing. I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to be two years out of college and still living off your parents’ dime in order to establish the life you’ve always wanted.

I can barely imagine what it would have been like to attend college while not working a fulltime job and launching a business.

Tonight I find myself so grateful knowing that I have made it on my own and realized my dreams without my mother or father paving the way.