Gratitude journal: New shoes!

Tonight I am grateful for my daughter’s inexplicable change of heart in regards to the shoes that Elysha bought months ago.

This morning, on the way to school, Elysha told Clara that her purple sparkly shoes were falling apart and in need of replacement. Clara responded by removing her shoes, throwing them to the floor and crying all the way to school.

Unlike every woman I have ever met, my daughter has absolutely no interest in new shoes. 

Unaware of these events, I coincidentally cleaned off the top of the bureau this evening, where two new pairs of shoes had been sitting, still in their boxes, for months.  Clara had rejected them long ago, but we decided to put them in her closet tonight in hopes that she might one day reconsider.

By the time I returned to the bedroom with her toothbrush, Clara has a new pair of shoes on her feet and she was admiring them with a wide grin. She even asked to go to sleep in her new shoes, and we quickly agreed.

Anything to cement the love that she suddenly felt for them.

New shoes at last. We probably have about three months before we’ll need to attempt another changing of the guard. A welcomed respite in the toddler footwear battles.

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