Gratitude journal: The best kind of friend

Tonight I am grateful for friends willing to do far more than is required in accordance with the standard laws of friendship.

Last night, my friend, Jeff, and I spent three hours unclogging my kitchen sink. This involved snaking the pipe for than 30 feet, a trip to Home Depot for a wrench, and near physical exhaustion.

I’m fortunate because Jeff is one of the most determined people I know.

Perhaps the most determined person I know.

Long after I would have given up and paid a plumber to clear the clog,  Jeff pressed on, hell bent on solving the problem. It was only through his sheer determination and one angry moment of super human strength on my part that we finally cleared the pipe.

Jeff spent his entire Friday night with his head under my sink, twisting and turning a snake that would not cooperate.

There are not many people like that in the world, and I am exceedingly grateful to call him my friend.