I threw cases of French fries against walls to relieve stress.

I found this new business idea rather intriguing:

Donna Alexander is the founder of the aptly-named Anger Room, probably the only business in the world that begs you to break everything in inside it. Located in a Dallas strip mall, the Anger Room is just as you’d hope it would be: filled with old furniture and electronics collected from junkyards and public donations, arranged to look like an office, bedroom or kitchen. But everything here is expendable: go ahead, grab a chair and chuck it across the room. Throw a plant at the computer screen. Stomp on the telephone. Grab a baseball bat and show that glass lamp who’s boss.

Alexander is essentially providing her customers with the opportunity to express their anger in a way that is slightly more socially acceptable, slightly more expensive and not unlike the famous copy machine scene from Office Space:

I’m not sure if I would ever be inclined use this service, but I tend to be relatively even keeled in most situations. A close friend recently referred to me as implacable, and I think this is an apt description.

But that hasn’t always been the case.

During the dozen years I spent managing McDonald’s restaurants, I often relieved my stress and anger by throwing 20 pound cases of French fries against the walls of the walk-in freezer, a story that I once told in a job interview when asked how I handle stressful situations.


Probably not the best answer, but I got the job, and I'm still doing it today.