You have been replaced by an app, sir.

A TV weatherman is visiting my daughter’s preschool tomorrow as part of their week-long study of occupations.

He may be an actual meteorologist and not simply a failed actor who reads the weather, but I cannot confirm this.

Either way, hasn’t this job already been replaced by an app on my phone?

Does anyone under the age of 60 actually watch the local weather on television anymore?

I can’t even imagine siting in front of the television, waiting for the story about the car accident or two-alarm house fire to finish just so that you can watch a person sweep his hands across a green screen in an attempt to demonstrate the movement of this cold front or that high pressure system when all you want to know is if it’s going to rain tomorrow, and if so, when.

My phone provided me with this information in seconds last night while I was brushing my teeth and listening to Rachel Dratch narrate her memoir.

I think it’s perfectly kind of this weatherman to visit my daughter’s preschool this week, but is there a chance in hell that this occupation will still exist by the time Clara is looking for work?