I want a standing desk, but I'd settle for the the most amazing desk in the history of human civilization as well.

If you’re looking to surprise me with a gift, I have wanted a standing desk for a long time. This one in particular would be excellent.


The reason I don’t own a standing desk already is that I’m afraid to buy one. I think I’d like to use a standing desk, but I’m not sure. There’s a chance that it might end up as a piece of extraneous furniture in the corner of the room that my daughter eventually turns into a high rise apartment building for her collection of little people, unicorns, and dinosaurs.

This is why a standing desk would make the perfect gift. I would risk nothing, and the potential reward would be great.

Of course, if you really want to impress me, might I suggest ditching the idea of the standing desk altogether and giving me the most amazing desk of all time:


This incredible desk was created by the Dublin ad agency Boys and Girls for their own entryway reception area. After a magazine described their office’s reception area as “small and routine,” Boys and Girls decided to design something a little more fitting for their creative agency, hence the idea for a balloon desk was born. After doing some serious scientific research, the agency teamed up with Twisted Image to start production this past February. Twisted Image created permanent hot air balloons(!!!) that would be strong enough to carry the weight of the desk. By using a rubber composite that would never degrade, they were able to fill the balloons with enough helium/hydrogen hybrid gas to float the desk indefinitely. The ribbons were reinforced with carbo-titanium, and an aerospace-grade titanium cleat was used to attach the strings to the desk. As if that half of the desk wasn’t cool enough, Boys and Girls constructed giant Jenga blocks to act as the other side of the desk.