Little People at a Drive-In Theater

It’s been a while since my daughter has created a unique tableau with her little people. Last week she chose the outdoor patio of a local restaurant for her latest creation:

Little People at a Drive-In Movie

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Oddly enough, Clara has attended dozens of drive-in movies in her lifetime.

She just hasn’t watched any of them.

During her first two years of life, my wife and I would make frequent trips to the two drive-in movie theaters in our area and put Clara to sleep in the backseat well before the movies ever started. We saw more movies during Clara’s first two years of life than we ever saw when we were childless, putting an end to that ridiculous and too-often-stated notion that it will be years after having a baby before a couple can return to the movie theater.

Although Clara never watched a drive-in movie, the experience apparently left an impression on her.

It’s also curious to note that one of her little people, the man in the orange hat, was excluded from attending the movies. Note his forced segregation on the corner of the table.

When asked about this, Clara declined comment.

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