The Moth: Shoe Thief

On July 17 I will be competing in The Moth’s GrandSLAM championship at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan. I gained access to this championship event by winning the Moth’s StorySLAM at the Bell House in Brooklyn back in March.

The theme of the night was Theft.

Thanks to my wife, I told a story about a time when I was nineteen and I stole some shoes from a shoe store. I had many other stories that fit this theme well (which doesn’t say much about me) and had chosen one that I liked a lot, but at the last minute, I switched stories, trusting in my wife’s instincts over my own.

I should do this more often. 

The theme of the upcoming GrandSLAM championship is “Fall from Grace” and once again, I regrettably have quite a few stories from which to choose.

The following is a recording of my StorySLAM winning story from The Bell House entitled Shoe Thief: