Another fairly useless super power

My wife and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday. Following our wedding, I wrote about some of the more memorable moments and posted them on a blog that no long exists. In light of our anniversary, I’ve decided to re-post some of those wedding memories here as a means of preserving them as well as sharing them with readers.

Today’s post was written during our honeymoon in Bermuda. __________________________________________

Elysha discovered another one of my super powers this week:

My ability to hold my breath for frightening lengths of time.

We were swimming in the pool yesterday and I was lazily doing laps underwater. Eventually I came up for breath and heard her scream, “Damn it, honey! You scared the hell out of me!”

I can really hold my breath for quite a while. Unless you are one of these guys, I probably have you beat.

Of course, this particular talent has yielded me very few results.

Occasionally I will find the opportunity to float in the pool for a long period of time, appearing drowned and dead, thus terrifying a friend or stranger (which is great fun indeed), but other than that, this super power is fairly useless.

Unless of course I find myself on a sinking submarine someday.

In that case, I will probably be able to survive about three minutes longer than the rest of the crew.